Children’s Books

If you’re a children’s book author, you face many different options today for publishing your work. The online resources available today offer many choices and opportunities for writers to publish their work, although it can take some careful planning to navigate this landscape. Traditional publishing involves hiring an agent, who then contacts publishers and seeks to generate interest in your manuscript. But what if you have no agent and no publisher?

One option is to go ahead and self-publish your work.

PostScript Printing & Publishing help you turn your childrens book into a reality.
Our experience in printing industry can:


help you with edits and illustrations


guide you in choosing the size and format of your book


give expert opinion on the paper stocks available


walk you through the print process to avoid any pitfalls

So that in the end you have your book printed and in your hands, you own it, you determine where it is sold, and receive all profits from the selling of your book


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