With over thirty years’ experience in printing, PostScript have the points on the board when it comes to managing periodical publications.

The fact that they can; if needed; combine distribution along with the printing has been a great advantage when it comes to scheduling, and lodging on time.

With a range of monthly, quarterly and annual publications already, you can be assured of the same ‘on-hands’ service for your journal. Call them today to discuss your needs

Thank you for these PostScript

You went above and beyond and we really appreciate it!!

And we promise to try to improve our processes (we are blaming the CEO for not sticking to his timeline!) 😉

The latest launch was fantastic, it was the biggest we’ve had by far with a lot of traction on social media

Thank you for being a part of this!


PostScript Printing manage your journals to keep to your schedule, through the print process to lodgement. Our experience in printing industry can:


help you with edits and illustrations


guide you in choosing the size and format of your book


give expert opinion on the paper stocks available


walk you through the print process to avoid any pitfalls


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