Memories or Memoirs are yours

You don’t need anyone’s permission to share your story.
Really, you don’t.
If you want to find an agent and a publisher, that’s fine. Go for it. I tried going that route with a different book. Unsuccessfully. I discovered that unless you’re famous, at least sort of well known or an expert in something, the big publishing houses and their agents aren’t that interested in no-name authors. But you might have far better luck than I did, so if you want to go this route, give it a try and see what happens. I mean, why not?
Self publishing your story or memoir is about you, your happy with it, and you don’t need a publisher’s affirmation to write about you or your family tree. Remember your story is your story, and only yours to tell. No one can tell it like you can. The days of stigma regarding self-publishing are over. Besides, when you self-publish, you maintain complete control; which is not the case when going the other route. This is a huge plus and at the same time, it can be daunting.

Write it to your audience, is it family and friends? Editing is easier they understand you and will ask you to explain if they don’t. If you are writing to put it in libraries and historical archives, then a bit more effort is required. That is where we can help. Don’t stress, give us a call or shoot an email, we would love to help

Having lived through the depression and WWII, for my dad’s 90th I wanted to write a memoir of his life. Paul at PostScript put together a great hard cover book, his autobiography that to this day is on display in a number of living rooms of our family all over the world.” 

Thanks Paul. A great job and a lasting memory. 


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